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Jul 11, 2012 12:00am EDT
were hiking, sure enough, a grizzly comes up with two 2-year-olds. the one comes right at us. the one thing is the key. you do not run from a wild animal. mountain lion -- i'm association bear, black or grizzly. a fox, a wolf, whatever. do not run. young people have to understand this. carry your bear spray. bear spray. some people say mace. it's not, it's pepper spray. a big canister. that's what helped me and saved my you know what, my tail, when this bear came for me. it was a young grizzly trying to prove himself. it's very important, the brothe bear spray. whatever that might be. a grizzly bear can run 100 yards in six seconds. six seconds. a football field. you cannot run -- it's a hard thing to understand, but you have to stand there and make noise. because the minute you turn, that's like a fleeing animal to them. they're not maneaters, a bear and/or a shark, whatever it is. like the shark thing you mentioned. that surf board or tidal board, they were around seals, right? that looks like a big old seal. what would you do if you were a shark? i've had the fortunate experience t
Jul 11, 2012 12:00am PDT
. that adds up to $160 million. fender plans to use the proceeds to pay off debt and to expand overseas. it will be on nasdaq under the symbol fndr, if you're ready to rock. by the way that guy who bought that no castor for $216,000, he could havead 14,000 shares of fender for that money. me, i'd take the guitar myself. thanks for joining us. "a.c. 360" starts right now. >> a florida teen's brush with a deadly wild alligator. another teen attacked by a shark. only one man knows what to do in a situation like that. jungle jack himself jack hanna. when politicians attack. a congresswoman versus a war hero. >> you know what, she's running for congress. >> i think that mr. walsh is being very irresponsible in his words. >> tonight, tammy duckworth fights back at congressman joe wash who accused her of making too much out of her war record. plus, michael phelps, mark spitz. i'll get him to set the record straight, who's the best, spitz or phelps? >> the peak of both your power, who would win? i would like to say selfishly maybe i'd beat him. >> inspiring advice for today's olympians and his
Jul 11, 2012 3:00am EDT
in 2008. talking about the wartime attack that cost her the use of her legs. she was awarded the purple heart. now she's running for congress from illinois. so far, so good. her opponent joe walsh says she should stop talking about her service to the country which has created a national uproar. tammy duckworth joins me now. tammy, let me thank you for your service to your country. you are remarkably courageous. i think many people share that. having said that, does joe walsh have a point? he's a political opponent to you. he clearly believes that you have been -- let's not say manipulating it but deliberately overusing perhaps your military service and heroism and courage which is without any dispute to try and promote your political position. that's to his disadvantage. do you accept if you were guilty of that charge, that would be unacceptable? >> well, i have to say, piers, i've not been talking exclusively about my military service. and, in fact, i think mr. walsh created this uproar because he didn't want to admit to the people in the district that he cast several bad votes last we
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)